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About Us

Flathead Special Education Cooperative (FSEC) is a full-service cooperative proudly serving children from ages three to twenty-one. Presently we serve sixteen member school districts and 17 schools across Flathead, Lake and Lincoln counties. FSEC is governed by an Executive and Management Board comprised of appointed representatives from member school districts, a Director and Business Manager under the Flathead County School of Superintendent Office.


FSEC provides special education support, technical Special Education guidance, and professional development opportunities to all it's member school districts. FSEC employs itinerant school psychologists, speech/language pathologists, occupational therapists and physical therapists to meet the needs in all member school districts and collaborates with outside agencies in the community to support students. FSEC employs Special Education teachers and paraprofessionals to teach and support students in specialized programs through the FSEC Building LEA in Kalispell.  These programs meet the needs of preschool students (3-5 years old) who are eligible for Special Education and Related Services.  FSEC also operates a Communication and Community program designed for students with Special Education needs in the area(s) of Life-Skills, communication, community and behavioral supports.  


Child Find services are provided or facilitated for children ages  3 to 21 as needed and include a full comprehensive special education evaluation by a team of experts including local school staff and FSEC professionals. In addition to conducting assessments and evaluations, these team members are also active in developing Individualized Education Plans, implementing therapy and intervention strategies, as well as supporting parents and school professionals in creating positive learning environments that lead to student success.



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